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Sprinkler Installation Program 2022

Throughout 2021, the club curator Jayden Welch commenced his program change the irrigation system throughout the Golf Course. The 1st round of sprinklers were installed on selected holes on the back 9 holes. Particularly the 14 and 15th. Jayden’s pictures show the initial trenches dug along the fairways. 

In early 2022 we were lucky enough to receive a grant from the Victorian Government for $50,000 to upgrade our system using existing sprinklers, and having others automated, which is to allow for nearly all fairways, tees and greens to be watered. 

The Committee, and newly appointed greenkeeper Phil Taylor, and band of many grounds crew volunteers set about utilising this grant and by the end of the year, the system was operational and already showing early signs of great benefit to the couch fairways. 

As of 2023, the couch fairways are starting to respond to the regular watering by a dedicated bunch of volunteers who have been in charge of this summer’s water program. 

The ground coverage of grass on fairways is seeing a deeper cushioning in the surfaces. We feel we are beginning to see fruits from the enormous amount of labour, with the fairways being in great shape and the best they have ever been, and definitely up with the best in the district.

Trenches ready for installation of pipe  

Is that Patchy inspecting the work?  

Testing the sprinklers

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